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World Care & CRN Conference Full Schedule

Challenges & Opportunities:

The Future of Nano & Bio Technologies

An Interdisciplinary Conference organized by World Care

and the Center for Responsible Nanotechnology

September 10-12, 2007

Radisson Hotel and Suites, Tucson, Arizona

Conference Schedule

Monday, 10 September: "Bridging the next technologies with bioscience"

8:00 am    Continental breakfast

9:00 am    Keynote: Lisa Hopper, World Care President

                 "Convergence - Nanotech, biotech, and humanitarian applications"

10:00 am  Mike Treder and Chris Phoenix
                 "Nano Tomorrows" - A discussion of CRN's nanotech scenarios

12:30 pm  Lunch

2:00 pm    Behrooz Dehdashti Ph.D., University of Arizona Medical Center
                 "Introduction of Angiogensis in ischemic tissue"

3:00 pm    Jason McCoy, Seawater Foundation

                 "Photosynthesis and human intelligence to green coastal deserts" [PowerPoint]

4:00 pm    Gary Marchant, Center for the Study of Law, Science, and Technology
                 "Emerging technologies v. the environment" [PowerPoint]



Tuesday, 11 September: "Toward manufacturing with nanotechnology"

8:00 am    Continental breakfast

8:30 am    Keynote: Chris Phoenix, CRN Director of Research

                 "A history of nanotechnology From 1959 to 2029" [PowerPoint]

9:45 am    Dr. Ned Seeman, New York University

                 "Building with DNA"

11:00 am  Jim Von Ehr, Zyvex

                 "Atomically precise manufacturing" [PowerPoint]

12:00 pm  Prof. Ralph Merkle, Georgia Tech University

                 "On mechanosynthesis" [PowerPoint]

1:00 pm    Lunch, with featured speaker Jack Smith

                 "Seeing the nano future through storytelling" [PowerPoint]

2:00 pm    Tihamer Toth-Fejel, General Dynamics

                 "How to build a nanofactory" [PDF]

3:00 pm    Dr. J. Storrs Hall, Institute for Molecular Manufacturing,

                 "What could a nanofactory make?" [PDF]

4:15 pm    Panel Discussion

                 "How soon is all this coming?"


Wednesday, 12 September: "Implications of nano/bio manufacturing"

8:00 am    Continental breakfast

8:30 am    Keynote: Mike Treder, CRN Executive Director

                 "Circles of concern" [PowerPoint]

9:45 am    Deborah Osborne, President, Police Futurists International

                 "The information revolution on steroids"

11:00 am  Brian Wang, Advanced Nano

                 "Economics in a new era" [PowerPoint]

12:00 pm  Douglas Mulhall, author of Our Molecular Future

                 "Energy, ecology, and planetary engineering" [PowerPoint]

1:00 pm    Lunch, with moderated table discussions and presentations

This will be an innovative dialog and work session between the audience and the conference presenters. Several tables will be set up with signs indicating discussion topic. Conference attendees will have signed up for the table discussion of their preference. Each table will include a conference speaker with expertise in the topic area, who will moderate the lunchtime discussion of issues and potential policy initiatives. After lunch, one audience member from each lunchtime discussion group, selected as a delegate by their table, will deliver a short summary of the group's discussion. Audience can engage in brief Q&A after each presentation.

4:00 pm    Panel Discussion
"How does it all fit together?"

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