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CRN and students team up to tackle nanotechnology issues

The Center for Responsible Nanotechnology (CRN) has announced a program of research projects in a joint collaboration between CRN, instructors, and students. The program is targeted at undergraduate students, though advanced secondary school students also may be able to participate.

Mike Treder, Executive Director of CRN, says, “We need to study the numerous urgent issues raised by advanced nanotechnology, but to cover the full spectrum of topics is much more than one organization can do without assistance.”

Under supervision of an instructor, students will research some aspect of molecular manufacturing and write a paper suitable for publication. CRN will provide advice and review, especially on the scientific aspects. Participating students will have direct access to CRN's Director of Research, Chris Phoenix.

Molecular manufacturing has broad and deep implications that have almost completely been ignored,” says Phoenix. “Studies are urgently needed in politics, economics, law, and sociology, as well as technical areas such as chemistry, physics, and product design. Molecular manufacturing will be very powerful, but no one really knows yet what that will mean.”

CRN has prepared a list of thirty essential studies that must be performed in order to have an adequate understanding of the potential societal impacts of nanotechnology. Within—and even beyond—these areas are hundreds of questions for students to tackle. Instructors or students who are interested in the program should contact Chris Phoenix.

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